About Us

LinkITus Group is additional reading an American based company that provides IT solutions, Biometrics, Geotextile products, and Mining https://essay-writing-service.co Supplies to businesses around the world. Globally, we are positioned in Ghana, Zambia, South America, India, and U.S.A. We have partnered with several “top-of-the-line” vendors to bring products with excellent ratings to our clients. Our headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia in America, with floating offices in Ghana, Lusaka, and India. Our vendors have decades of experience in technological fields as well as in the mining and construction parts supply. You will be presented with alternatives for your company that will prove cost-effective in the long run.
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Our corporate office and warehouse are centrally located in North America. With our network of resources and experienced staff, we can provide what you need in a hurry.

LinkITus Group has a competitive cost structure and a strategic advantage to compete at the world market. Strong commitment to corporate social responsibility combined with environmental compliance and broad-base community relations will keep forming an integral part of the company’s long term development plan.

Our Mission

The world is different today. Business as usual just doesn’t work. Our modern mission goes beyond responding to our customers’ everyday requirements and expectations. https://ambienforyou.com/
Indeed, we are a true partner, supporting your need for improved products at lower costs. Our staff offers intelligent alternatives to streamline your development and manufacturing processes, enhancing your business capabilities to the optimum, using the latest designs and products.

The quality of our solutions and products is unsurpassed, making them longer lasting and more cost-effective than our competitors. Most of our products are Made in America, with a small percentage made overseas. So they are made in strict compliance with US regulations and standards.Our goal is to continue to prove there is a better way, not only to produce mature products, but to develop solutions efficiently, under budget and on time.

Call us now and let us lead the way.

Our Company

Linkitus USA

President: Rashesh (Rush) Patel
Vice President: Gargee Parikh
IT Consultant: Kardam Patel
Commercial Manager: Stephen Danso

Linkitus, Africa

Manager: Martin Katete
Business Consultant: Joseph Ado
Business Consultant: Wamu Ikasaya
Business Consultant: Macdonald Longwe