In the modern times, Biometrics special info is among the best tools for identification and for applications requiring access control. Biometrics may be classified as physiological or behavioral. The popular ones include: Fingerprints, Face Recognition, DNA, Palm Print, Hand Geometry, Iris Recognition and Retina.

Biometrics Solutions by LinkITus

After thorough scientific research and development paralleled with market intelligence and human expertise, LinkITus has developed state-of-the-art biometric solutions. The company has partnered with the leading biometric and identity management solution providers in the world to ensure a high quality in the products that we provide. These solutions may be used across buy modafinil online
a variety of industries such as healthcare, Oil and Gas, or any other place where security and convenience are of utmost importance.

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The company has been assisting its clients with such products for over a decade and has served thousands of customers across the globe. Our solutions have not only been employed for identification purposes in workforce management but also in government projects, voter registrations, border control, national identification cards, patient identification, etc. The following is a description of how our technology can be used across different platforms:

Government Solutions:

For governments, LinkITus provides technological solutions that could be used not only in elections, border control and national identification but also for criminal justice and defense departments.

Enterprise Solutions:

Even though the company provides enterprise solutions for workforce management, healthcare and security in the banking sector, it also continuously makes efforts in research and development to improve the existing technologies and to improvise particular products for specific clients.

The following are the products supplied by LinkITus to its clients:

Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

The software has room for customization and allows organizations to process, search, edit, retrieve and store biometric and subject records. It is scalable; therefore capacity is never a problem.


This system also allows the functions of ABIS, but it also streamlines data collection and card issuance to create a national database of verified voter data. There is a wide range of tools integrated with the software to provide clients with a flexible working environment and can even be fully customized according to the client’s requirements

Bio-PluginTM Hybrid Platform

This is a client/server biometric software system that has added support for biometric devices to read fingerprints, finger veins, palm veins and recognize the iris. The technology used in the plugin has even been filed for a patent.


This application can be used for employee data collection, PC time clock, workforce management using Kronos, JDA, RedPrairie, ADP, Empower, etc, and to facilitate employee self-service (ESS) functions. It automatically increases operational profits by increasing productivity and eliminating errors in payrolls and other similar functions.


RightPOS is also an employee identification system that can aid employers in reducing shrink and false returns by bolstering loss prevention strategies and strengthening PCI compliance.

Enterprise Biometrics SuiteTM

The product is aimed at Windows-based PCs. For recognition, identification and reading of biometrics, smart cards, TPM security chips, tokens, password management, file encryption, and other functions such as VPN access and sensitive operations, the Enterprise Biometrics Suite (BMS) proves to be the perfect option.


The name suggests it all. This system can be employed to reduce patient frauds and ensure that the right patient is being delivered the health facilities.