GeoTech products

For the mining industry, it has become mandatory to employ the newest technology and manufacturing process read more that make use of the latest designs while maintain a reasonable cost. Furthermore, it is elementary to produce products effectively on time. We have been dealing with the distribution of geosynthetic products for a considerable while and have provided many companies with alternatives that helped them save enormously on finances.

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Even though the products distributed by our organization do not necessarily originate from America, they are all in compliance with the American standards regarding society and the environment. For ground modification materials, our geosynthetic products have proved to be among the most versatile and cost effective solutions. At present, the use of these products is not restricted to
a particular industry; in fact they are used across all engineering areas such as civil, geotechnical, environmental, coastal and hydraulic engineering. There are numerous benefits of using geosynthetic textiles, geomembranes, geonets, geogrids and geocomposites. These include:

  • Limited Space Required
    Since geosynthetic products are sheet-like, they take up considerably lesser space in landfills than traditional materials.
  • Material Quality
    In mining or other engineering processes, consistency plays an important role. Geosynthetic products maintain the same quality in every sample of the product due to a high degree of homogeneity.
  • Cost
    These products are not only cheaper to buy, they are also easier to transport and install than soils which reduces the overall operational costs by a significant margin.
  • Superiority
    The purpose of geosynthetic materials is to provide optimal performance in any desired application. For this reason they are technically superior to their alternatives.
  • Time Saving
    Often during construction, there may a need for a break due to severe weather conditions. Instead of demobilizing and remobilizing, geosynthetics could be installed due to their added flexibility of quick installation.
  • Environment
    As geosynthetic solutions do not require quarrying, trucking or any other material handling activities, they hold back the use of natural resources and environmental damage which is often caused by their alternatives.

Our organization commonly deals with the following geosynthetic products:

  • Woven Geotextile
    These fabrics are made by woven polypropylene materials. Due to their optimal performance, they are often used in applications requiring stabilization. Their quality and balance between strength and separation in cycles enables them to perform in a variety of environments.
  • Nonwoven Geotextile
    Formed with 100% polypropylene stable fibers in a random network, these materials have a high resistivity for ultraviolet radiation and their stable pH range from 2 to 13 takes away the factor of biodegradation. The needle-punched material is often used in civil and environmental engineering applications.
  • Drainage Geonet
    These materials are manufactured from high density polyethylene. The resulting biaxial geonet are suitable for high load bearing applications while they also retain high flow characteristics in all directions.
  • Drainage Geocomposite
    The composite is made by bonding geonet with non-woven geotextile. These materials are employed for filtration purposes.

The Geosynthetic products that we distribute are often used for numerous purposes. The most common among them include the following:

  • Roads and Pavements
  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Reinforced Soil Systems
  • Seepage Control Systems
  • Mining
    • Geomembrane
    • Geosynthetic Clay Layer
    • Ground Stabilization
    • Plastic Pipe
    • Solution Recovery
    • Leak Detection and Monitoring