IT Services

With industries such as Mining, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Utility and the Petroleum Sector in focus, we distribute Information Technology solutions that are best suited for each area. For IT services, our business partners with the LinkITus Group. Whether its software or hardware systems we have it all from SAP, Microsoft and Oracle to HP, IBM and DELL.

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Our business’ mission is to provide our customers with a distinctive advantage over their competitors by integration of technology and industry leadership. Their leadership is accompanied by the technology we provide. Our primary motivation is to transform technology into an asset for a business instead of being just a tool.

The IT Solutions distributed by our company are catered towards a specific target market. This is to ensure that all our customers get premium sales and after sales services. It also enables us to deliver high quality and cost effective products in a timely manner. The IT services that our company provides are mentioned in detail below:

IT Infrastructure

From data management to desktop virtualization, our customers can benefit from a variety of IT infrastructure services. The infrastructure that we provide employsthe latest models such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Not only do these solutions help in better infrastructure management and global delivery, they also aid in cutting down the Total Cost of Ownership by a considerable percentage.

Cloud Services

In the recent years, the Cloud has gained significant popularity. It could be used for different reasons such as remote access, excess security, backup purposes and many others. The solutions that we provide allow our customers to access data from remote locations at high transfer speeds and immediate responsiveness. In light of that, our cloud services are highly cost effective. Our customers no longer have to worry about using expensive hardware as they can simply access the data on average computers through the Cloud. Our Cloud Services enable organizations to automate their processes, and utilize their resources in a better manner.

Network Consultation

For networking purposes, we provide IT solutions, set-up of the required technology and outsourcing of a business function.

IT Solutions: Instead of spending an enormous capital on IT Solutions, our team of expert engineers decides upon the IT requirements of a business to enable better Project Management Support.

Technology Installation: With thorough strategic management, the customized IT plans for our customers are installed by our experts. These enable businesses to accelerate growth.

Outsourcing:This has become the key to organizational success as it makes more sense to let experts handle a particular department. Instead of elevating their capital and operational costs by installing infrastructure and training their staff, our customers can simply outsource cloud computing to LinkITus’ off-shore subsidiaries.

Database Consultation

We offer our customers consultation, architectural designs, installation and administration of the following database administrators:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • DB2
  • MySQL

UNIX Services

For organizations that require installation of UNIX platforms, we provide numerous services along with remote secure system administration and a 24/7 technical assistance. Our organization offers configuration of the following technologies on UNIX platforms:

  • Solaris
  • BSD-FreeBSD-NetBSD
  • Linux, RedHat
  • HP-UX
  • Hitachi, EMC Storage
  • Server Virtualization

Video Conferencing Solutions

With globalization, organizations are expanding worldwide. However, the cost of frequent traveling from one place to the other can be a major burden for businesses. For this reason, they often use video conferencing to reduce their costs and work with convenience. With solutions from CISCO, POLYCOM and LIFESIZE, our organization provides integration of Video Conferencing solutions on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Storage Systems, Virtualized Infrastructure, etc.