Mining Supplies

While mining, there can be a number of complications. The profitability in a mining business is directly and greatly dependent on the operational efficiency. For this reason, it is crucial to use high quality, durable and reliable equipment. To facilitate mining companies, we distribute different supplies such as bearings, filters, hoses, fittings and adapters.


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Bearing Types

Depending on the operation, bearings from different families could be used. Industries such as aerospace, defense, medical and mining often come across the need for bearings. From ball bearings and miniature precision bearings to spherical bearings and airframe control bearings, we provide our clients with all. Companies often require bearing installation tools which are also provided by us.

Why Bearings are Important in Mining

Mining processes can expose machinery and equipment to harsh environmental conditions such as extremely high temperatures and excessive dust particles. These conditions compromise the life of a metallic component. For jaw and cone crushers, vibrating screens, feeders, wash plant equipment, conveyors and excavation, optimal bearings hold the potential to maximize operational efficiency.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Our organization strongly believes in efficiency and aims to maximize the operational efficiency of our clients through optimization. For bearings, we can suggest the perfect bearing for each operation to handle load and the harsh environment effectively. The bearings distributed by our company are made with extremely reliable and durable materials and are used in a variety of industries.


Filters in Mining

In Mining, there are a number of processes that require hydraulic and lubrication systems. It is imperative to reduce the operational cost to maximize the profits. High quality filters prolong the life of the mining equipment and allow them to perform with maximum efficiency. Whether its underground mining, hard rock mining or coal mining, filters are required to avoid any type of contamination of the hydraulic systems.

Types of Filters

The different types of filters distributed by our organization include:

  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Compressor Filters
  • Air-Oil Separator Filters
  • Lubrication Filters

With the types of filters mentioned above, there are a variety of options to choose from as we have products ranging from Allied Systems to Caterpillar.

What we can do for you

Our organization has been supplying filters for a considerable while. In this duration, a number of our clients have managed to significantly decrease their operational costs with the filters that we provide. Mining companies desire to have a trouble and hassle-free production cycle which becomes difficult to achieve while working at pressures up to 350 bars. With our products, a non-stop production cycle can be continued.

Hoses, Fittings and Adapters


Hoses are often required in low to high pressure oil lines. From petroleum based fluids, air to lubricating oils, the hoses distributed by our organization have the ability to handle high temperatures, all sorts of pressures in hydraulic, industrial or pneumatic operations. To ensure work safety, our hoses are designed with a safety factor of 4.

Fittings & Adapters

Mining industries looking for British and Metric fittings and adapters can greatly benefit from our distribution services as we supply the following types of fittings and adapters.


  • A/C
  • BSPP Parallel
  • BSPP Flat Face
  • BSPT Taper
  • Code 61 and 62 Flange
  • DIN
  • Flareless Tube
  • GAZ
  • JIS and JIC
  • NTP
  • SAE 45
  • O Ring Boss


  • Bulkhead
  • BSP
  • Caps and Plugs
  • Flange
  • JIC
  • Metric
  • NPT
  • O Ring Boss
  • SAE


Besides high quality and optimum performance, the benefits of partnering with our company include nationwide delivery of mining supplies.